Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lime Tart

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I rode a carousel yesterday. It has been so long. It felt so unfamiliar.

My 18 month old daughter had never been on a real carousel before, and obviously was too young to go on her own. She grinned and clapped when she saw the colorful contraption going around and around, and heard the screams and laughter coming from it. I knew she wanted to ride it. So, five minutes later, we were seated on this bright red and yellow painted wooden bench, waiting for the ride to begin. I think I was as excited as she was! The ride lasted about five minutes. I wanted off at about three. It was way too fast for my poor stomach. I expected my baby to start crying as the carousel went faster and faster. But, just as I was thinking I had had enough, she started giggling! It was magical. And would have been even more magical if my stomach wasn't doing back-flips.

After the ride, she sampled street food for the first time. She loved it! She's her mother's daughter, she is! We had chick-peas and bread (bread-channa chaat), we ate slices of raw mango with chilly powder and salt sprinkled over them, we ate a delicious puffed rice salad (bhel puri!) and spicy corn on the cob. What a feast! Everything tasted better because we were out with people we loved.

Today, I decided I needed citrus. I cannot emphasize how much I love limes. I like limes with pretty much everything. And so, I made a lime tart. I had some shortcrust pastry left over from my Apple Tart and so I decided to replace the usual cookie crust with that. I enjoyed the combination. I don't like my dessert to be too sweet, and the shortcrust really helped with that!

Lime Tart
1 9" shortcrust/cookie pie crust (unbaked)
1 can condensed milk (400g)
2/3 cup light cream
4 eggs, beaten lightly
5 limes, finely zested and juiced (I added 6)
1 tbsp cornstarch

Preheat the oven to 350.
Combine the condensed milk & cream and whisk lightly.
Add the cornstarch to the lime juice. Stir well until there are no lumps. Add this lime juice and the lime zest to the milk mixture.
Stir in the eggs and whisk lightly until combined.
Pour the mixture into the pie shell and bake for 30-50 minutes until the pie crust is cooked and the filling is set.

I thought the tart was done, and took it out at 30 minutes. The filling was just set but the crust was still a little doughy. 30 minutes should be sufficient for a cookie crust, but if you are using a shortcrust shell, give it an extra 20 minutes.

Garnish with fresh slices of lime.

Even with the juice of six limes, the tart was still not tart enough for me! Next time I think I will add even  more. Or maybe a layer of lime curd. Or maybe just lime curd. Oh how I love lime!

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Unknown said...

This looks like a perfect spring dessert! I'm jealous of your street food experience, sounds delicious. And I love what you said about everything tasting better because you were with people you loved :)

spcookiequeen said...

Oh how I love lime too. You have a real little one, I love that age, that get such a kick out of everything. I think you said it perfectly. Hope you have a wonderful day.

Mary Bergfeld said...

This really looks wonderful. This is one of my husband's favorite desserts. It really is perfect for springtime. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

Kristen said...

What fun to go on a carousel! I still enjoy them as an adult. Your lime tart looks delightful.

Suzy said...

I love carousels too! Real fun (: Great looking tart!

The Harried Cook said...

@soundless space - the street food was delicious! if ever you are in Chennai, India, I would be glad to take you!
@Gina - Thanks! I am thoroughly enjoying my little girl :)
@Mary - Thank you! :)
@Kristen - I did enjoy it too! But it got a little too fast for me :)
@Suzy - Thank you! :)

Peggy said...

Sounds like a perfect day with the little one!

And this tart looks absolutely fabulous, as well! =)

Meg (The Red Spoon) said...

Last year we took my niece on a carousel, she was in awe of all the bright colors, and kept pointing and saying "horsey". The look of excitement on her face totally made my day, as I'm sure the same with you and your daughter! The tart looks fantastic. We have some key limes in the market. I might need to snatch those up to make this!

Anonymous said...

I just love how your tart looks,and I can feel the lemon :) it's awesome! Thanks for sharing!

theharriedcook said...

It was a perfect day! We had such a blast together :) Thanks!

theharriedcook said...

Isn't it amazing how their faces light up at the smallest things? :) Thank you... If I haven't said so already, I really love limes! :)

theharriedcook said...

Thank you! :) Everyone who had this tart said it was 'lime-y' enough, but it still wasn't 'lime-y' enough for me! :)

Lizzy Do said...

What a gorgeous tart! I love lime, too...and would love a slice or two of this beauty!

theharriedcook said...

Thank you! If you were closer to Chennai, India, I would have loved to have you over for a slice of tart!

Roxan said...

Aw, what a precious memory! I'm so glad that you wrote about this to look back on!

theharriedcook said...

Thanks, Roxan! I am glad I did too :)

Leanne@Healthfulpursuit said...

Yum! Great work with the tart! Last time I made a tart I tried a coconut flour crust. It didn't hold together well, but it tasted good at least! I haven't been on a carousel in ages, good on you for going with your daughter, sounds like she had the time of her life!

theharriedcook said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comment, Leanne! :) And I must mention I did not have a pleasant ride on that carousel, but I will probably do it for my little girl because she really loved it! :) A coconut crust sounds interesting!

Amanda . said...

This was perfect! Great pictures, by the way! :)

theharriedcook said...

:) Thank you! And thank you! :) :) :)

Catherine said...

This is one of my very favorite desserts. I shall try your recipe. Blessings, Catherine
I am now following your blog. I hope that you will give my blog a visit and follow too. Thank you, Catherine

theharriedcook said...

Thank you, Catherine... I will! :)

CC said...

Oh Yum!! I cant just wait to try it. I love lime and need my citrus fix every so often and having looked at this, I think  the time for my fix is right about now! :)

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