Saturday, November 26, 2011

Restaurant Review - Burgundy

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This was a review I really looked forward to. As a big fan of Tuscana & Kryptos, I really looked forward to eating at this restaurant from the same chain.

Burgundy is located in a beautiful building of serviced apartments in a nice part of the city. The restaurant itself is large, bright - tons of natural light, and airy. I love the open plan layout, and it looks like an absolutely lovely place to enjoy a casual lunch/brunch with the girls.

We were reviewing a buffet lunch, and the restaurant was pretty busy for a weekday lunch. I thought that was a good sign of things to come.

The starters were brought to the table and the variety was what struck me. I did not expect to start with Chaat. You don't often see this street food in a fine dining restaurant's buffet. The Dahi Papdi chat was nice enough, but to be fair, I don't think a restaurant can ever match the roadside vendors when it comes to this sort of food. There were Chicken Tikkas too, and they were very tasty.
I had an issue with the pizza. Tell me if I am alone on this one, but while I absolutely loved the thick generous slices of roasted chicken on my pizza, I did not like the chunks of vein-y, almost raw cabbage that was on there. It may be a question of personal taste, but I had to remove a few very large bits of cabbage from my mouth. I think you can see one of those bits in the picture :).
At the buffet counter, there was a huge spread of food. I loved the portioning of the salads, starters and even some of the mains. They were beautifully plated in small individual portions, and were very nice to look at. I tried a Marinated Shrimp dish, and was pretty disappointed. I felt there was absolutely no flavor or seasoning in the shrimp. I love dips, and the Hummus, Baba Ganoush, Tzatziki and Guacamole (the Guacamole sorta doesn't belong, right?) were very nice.

Among the main courses, I tried a Potatoes Lyonnaise which was nice. The roasted vegetables were really well done - there was zucchini, carrot, pumpkin and eggplant. They were well seasoned, slightly caramelized like a good roast should be, and had tons of fresh and dried herbs. Absolutely yummy!

 I then tried a Stuffed Chicken, Braised Fish on crispy noodles, and some Stir-fried Beef. The Stuffed chicken was very, very good. It was Roulade placed over a bed of beautifully sweet, caramelized onions, and topped with a roasted carrot. The sauce on it was yummy too.
 The stir fried beef was very nice, but nothing to write home about. The fish tasted pleasant and was probably perfectly cooked when it came off the grill, but after sitting under the harsh, hot lights of the buffet counter, the fish probably continued to cook. Despite the good flavors, I couldn't get over the fact that it was overcooked.

As always, I looked forward to dessert, and like so many places, I was quite disappointed. I am not a fan of coconut in desserts, but after that fabulous coconut dessert I had at Crimson Chakra, I was really excited to see the Thai Coconut Custard on the menu.  Unfortunately, the custard, while it tasted decent, had an awful, grainy texture that I couldn't get past. The other desserts were fine, but nothing that made me go 'Wow!'. I was really so surprised because I love the desserts at Tuscana and I expected the same standard here as well.
To give Burgundy the benefit of doubt, it is a different spread on the buffet everyday and maybe the other desserts are better.

Overall, while I liked a lot of the food, I didn't leave the restaurant feeling like that was a memorable meal. I can't help but compare, but the food at Tuscana always impresses me, and maybe after a few more visits, I might feel the same way about Burgundy too.
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Kajal said...

Hey Marsha! lovely review! :)
and cabbage in pizza???! :O i definitely do not add cabbage to my pizza! and dont expect it there either! i keep hearing the Crimson Chakra desserts are fab... must try their stuff!

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