Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Tag! I'm it!

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This week I was tagged by my fellow blogger who writes Easily Good Eats and the very informative Three Cookies blog. Thanks for the tag!!! :) 

It seemed like a fun tag to do, and so here are my seven links!

1. My most beautiful post: Walnut Muffins with Coffee Glaze
Not only was this super delicious, this was also my first (and only) picture to be accepted by Tastespotting, Foodgawker and Tasteologie. I usually submit only to these three sites, and I think 3 for 3 makes it my most beautiful post. Or at least the post with the most beautiful picture. :)
2. My post popular post: Pomegranate Pound Cake
Just going by the number of comments, I guess this would be my most popular post. And it just goes to show that people really like girly, pink cakes more than they will admit. :)
I guess don't have any posts that can be labelled controversial, but these were the two posts that got quite a few 'whaaaaat?!' comments because of the flavor combinations. Apparently not everyone enjoys meat in their brownies, or coarse pepper in their cookies. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!
4. My most helpful post: Homemade Boursin
Everyone loves copycat recipes. I got quite a few emails from people thanking me for this recipe. I guess everyone loves making a famous recipe at home, at a fraction of the price of the original. I know this is one of my favorite recipes too.
5. A post that was surprisingly successful: Pineapple Choux Fritters
While the sauce in this recipe blew me away, the fritters themselves, I thought, were burnt. We still ate the fritters, because I actually enjoy food that is slightly burnt. But this post almost never happened because of the blackened fritters. Surprisingly, it turns out a lot of people enjoy slightly burned food. I really did not expect so much positive feedback on this post! Thank you all! :)
6. The post that did not get the attention it deserved: Loaded Caramel Ice Cream
I am not kidding when I say that this is my favorite ice-cream flavor. Ever. It is a recipe for a creamy Salted Caramel Ice Cream, and the 'loaded' part is a chewy peanut butter-caramel ribbon and fudgy brownie chunks. I really am glad I got a chance to bring some attention back to this recipe.
7. The post I am most proud of: Filled Doughnuts
This was the hardest category to answer. To be very honest, I am proud of almost all the posts I have out there. But if I had to pick something that I would love to eat all the time, it would have to be these. The doughnut itself has a fabulous texture, and the creamy filling is delicious and made with real vanilla bean. I got a lot of rave reviews from people who tasted these doughnuts. 
This was really a fun tag to do!

Before I go any further, I also want to thank Manu of Manu's Menu for these wonderful awards. If you haven't ever visited Manu's site, then you've wasted enough time already. She is a fantastic cook, and awesome mom & wife, and a really wonderful person. Go visit her now! Thanks for the awards, Manu!

I am going to skip sharing 10 things about myself. I feel like this post is long enough already!

Now, I need to tag a five of my blogger friends for the tag. I also pass on these beautiful awards to them! Here they are, listed in alphabetical order, by blog name.

1. Lynne, of 365 days of baking
4. Briarrose, of Flour Dusted
5. Jennifurla, of Indigo's Sugar Spectrum

TAG! You're it! I hope you will share your seven links, and then tag five of your blogger friends. I can't wait to see the posts you share!

I hope to get out a couple more posts this week, but forgive me if I don't. Apart from a crazy work-load this week, my little girl is also sick. I think I will probably take some time off blogging/commenting, till she is all better. I pray that it will be real soon!
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Kitchen Belleicious said...

I love these links and I was glad when Three Cookies did it and now I am glad you are doing it because I missed the first like 3 recipes up there. I am loving the filled donut and very excited to try the boursin recipe! I hope your little girl gets to feeling better. She will be in my prayers!

Three-Cookies said...

Great links, glad to know more about posts that I hadn't seen before. I very clearly remember the first two. I have yet to try bacon in a sweet, would love to.

ping said...

Haha! Guess we're both "it"! I esp love #5. It's always nice to get the unexpected twist in reaction, more so when it goes the "good" way. Great links!

Amanda said...

MOST popular posts? instead of POST popular posts?


Ann said...

Awesome list!  I'm headed to check the boursin cheese and Caramel ice cream now!

Manu said...

What a great post Marsha! I love re seeing some of your older delicious recipes! :-)

And you are very welcome for the awards... 100% deserved!  Thank you for your sweet words! <3

Reem said...

I really liked the links. Congrats Marsha, pomegranate pound cake is calling me.

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